I passed JLPT!

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating my blog these past two weeks. Busy weekends and lazy weekdays got the better of me and no I haven’t made a mistake describing my week there. My weekends have been taken over by language classes where I’m trying to help out fellow Japanese learners get ready for the N5 in December and my weekdays have been plagued with unsatisfying work. This had taken a toll on my Japanese and while I did keep in touch with the language, I had nothing new to offer to the blog.

And so, today, I wanted to announce something that had been long pending. I have finally passed the JLPT! I now have a N3 level certification in Japanese that shows the progress I have made since I first started out five years ago. It was surreal reading “Passed” on my report and it took me a moment to realize what it meant. It meant that I could finally show my mom that I hadn’t been wasting my time. With this exam, I had opened up a treasure trove of opportunities that could possibly help change the direction in which my life was heading if I so wanted it.

Of course, this also meant that I had a long way to go and I was nowhere close to being fluent in the language. However, with this result I know that it is a possibility. This is definitely an accomplishment that I’m proud of and I hope to God, there’s more to come.



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