Tentative plan for August

The application forms for the upcoming JLPT exam in December are out, but I won’t be attempting it this time. I’m still waiting for the results from the July exam to be announced. While my friends are gearing up for the exam, I’ve decided to slow down in my studies partly because my current schedule and habits give me lesser time than in the past.

While I practised reading more than I did any other skill, I haven’t really made any progress because I wasn’t consistent with it. In addition I made the mistake of not returning to the read material to make sure I understood it better the second time. As a result, even though my vocabulary list grew, the words and the Kanji never stayed with me.

In order to correct this, I have decided to stick to one reading material for the time being. I will read my Crayon Shin-chan manga cover to cover and go through the same once more to retain all the new words and sentence patterns I will come across. Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel that this is a setback and I’m back to square one.  😦 In addition to this, I will try and learn more vocabulary through songs and through conversations with my Japanese friends.

My second focus is on speaking and I’m hoping to get started on it in the second half of this month. I was fortunate enough to meet a Japanese teacher here in Bangalore and she has agreed to help me out in this regard. My speaking skills are awful. But I’ve seen a considerable improvement in my writing skills and I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually get better at speaking as well.

Slow and steady.


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