Japanese with Cardcaptor Sakura

I am embarrassed to say this, but the reason I haven’t been studying Japanese these past few days is because of my laziness. My plan for the month was to go through the notes I had made on Evernote and Cram before the JLPT exams and then move on to learning something new. I have about 2 magazines and 6 odd Japanese books that I would like to start reading. But alas, I can’t seem to move an inch!

Frustration and guilt would have swallowed me whole if I hadn’t turned to Sakura to help me out. Since the day I read about a sequel coming out, I’ve been devoted to watching Cardcaptor Sakura an episode a day. Even though I’m watching it for the second time, the fact that I am able to understand most of what they’re saying makes the experience even more exciting!

Here is why I think watching Cardcaptor Sakura can help your listening, especially if you’re between the beginner-intermediate level.

  • Interesting content

Who doesn’t like having magical powers or being friends with supernatural creatures? Cardcaptor Sakura is a story about friendship, courage, love, magic and adventure and I bet each of us needs a little bit of all that in our life. I’m not sure who the intended audience was when the mangaka first created her and it clearly doesn’t have the violence of psychological mind bending content that most of the current anime have, but I’d still recommend this one to anyone interested in watching anime.

  •   Easy to follow dialogues

From the very first episode you will realise that most of the conversations in the anime are very simple to follow. The dialogues are easy to understand and evenly spaced out. The words used aren’t unnatural and are definitely used by real people in real life.  Another advantage of watching this anime is that words are often repeated throughout the episode allowing the listener to learn and absorb vocabulary easily.

I saved a couple of notes on Evernote listing out all the words I’ve learnt thanks to the anime. They’re easy to remember because I know the context they were used in. I’ve also used the content to practice shadowing. Since the conversations aren’t fast paced, it is very easy to follow the dialogue and repeat until I can speak Japanese as well as the characters do.


As you can see I’m clearly excited about this because I feel I’ve finally found content that suits my level. All this while I’ve been struggling to find podcasts and drama that I can follow atleast 50% of the time. Most of the content I’ve come across is too faced paced or use vocabulary I’m not familiar with. But now that I’ve found something what works, I hope to develop a standard method to help me fully utilise the content and eventually figure out what I need to listen to next.


2 thoughts on “Japanese with Cardcaptor Sakura

  1. I can easily relate to those periods of lack of motivation. Some days, as you say, you just can’t seem to move an inch. Those feelings of frustration and guilt just seem to make it worse. And then one day you just do it, just pick up the book or load the app or whatever, and before you know it you’re studying again.

    Can I ask you, how do you watch Cardcaptor Sakura? Is it available somewhere for me to watch?

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