Getting back into anime

Last week I met up with a friend for coffee after work. I was first introduced to her in February this year at Japan Habba. The purpose of this meeting however, was official. It was an interview for a job that I had applied for. Yet, nothing about the meeting was ordinary. We spoke for on and on about Toastmasters, hobbies and mutual friends making a  casual reference to my resume.

The conversation soon led to anime. Now, while my friend here regularly followed anime and read a lot of manga, I realised I didn’t have anything to offer to the conversation. I had tried but failed several times these past few years to find an anime that would hold my interest. We both agreed that none of the recent anime had charm like the older ones. We reminisced about InuYasha, Samurai X, Get Backers and the likes and I found myself wanting to get back into watching anime. This time however, I wanted it to stick.

If you haven’t heard already the makers of Cardcarptor Sakura are launching a sequel and the manga will be out this month. Cardcaptor Sakura is probably the very first anime I had watched as a child and I’m so excited about this development. In order to prepare myself for what’s to come I’m going to revisit the episodes. I can think of no better way to get back into watching anime.

Another anime that I’m curious about right now is Durarara!! I’m only 4 episodes in and I’m not sure where the story is going, but the characters are memorable and the dialogues quite funny. I’m also using these anime as a way of learning new vocabulary. It’s unfortunate that I constantly have to interrupt the viewing every time I come across a new word, but I’m kind of liking this process and am pleased with the progress I’ve made the past few days.



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