Language learning is all about the journey

I’m annoyed by the sheer number of words I need to learn for the JLPT. My approach to this year’s exam is a tad bit boring since I have to go through a list of words that are disjointed and not available in context. I’m so frustrated right now because I don’t feel I’ve progressed in any way. To calm myself down I decided I’d take a break from that approach and try making things fun, say, by learning the lyrics of a song.

So here I am,  doing what I usually do – learning words in some context. I’d find unknown words and place them on my Cram flashcards. But as I did it I continued to feel frustrated. Just what was I doing here? I looked back at my previous flashcards and realised I’d been creating lists of disjointed words, similar to my N3 vocabulary lists that were no fun to look at. Sure there were many of them and there’d been times when I was proud of them as I thought they reflected the work I’d been doing till now. But today, I just felt disconnected and frustrated.

It’s one of those days that every language learner goes through. I realise that I’m frustrated because in my head I want to be fluent now, and I’m not there yet. I will take time and energy and a whole lot of revision to get me there. I just have to enjoy the process. It’s all about the journey isn’t it?



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