Planning for the JLPT – Help Wanted

I’ve sent in my application and I’m ready to go!

Well, not quite. I find myself in the same position I was back in August of last year when I had decided to give JLPT a try. As weeks passed I had realised the futility of my efforts to cram hundreds of vocabulary and finally decided to be content with just sitting for the exam. The goal then was to test the waters. The goal now is to pass, with flying colours.

But I’m nowhere close to ready. As my good friend had wisely said – “Rome wasn’t built in a day”; I’m going to take her advice and trudge on. My plan will definitely be more focused than last time. I am definitely the kind of person who would like to learn new words off a text that she had read and not from a list of dissociated words. However, this time I’d like to be more structured in my approach to studies. It’s unfortunate, but required.

I find going through the list of Kanji a much faster and easier process. I plan to do atleast a 10 eveyday since I already have come across most of them. Grammar requires me to revise and recollect points I have learnt in the past while going through new points at the same time. Reading speed, comprehension and listening are my other worries. When do I find the time to work on these skills?

I am curious to know how you guys are preparing or have prepared for JLPT in the past. How did you plan it out? Did you manage time well? Were you able to go through the entire portion for the test in well ahead of time?

And all the best to the guys who are taking the test. 頑張ってください!


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