Hemenway – Inori 祈り

I had to do a quick post about the song that caught my breath today. I have been struggling to find good music in Japanese and with the plethora of good options present in Korean, I’m afraid I’m being swept away in the wrong direction.

I love Korean indie music because they touch my heart even though I don’t understand the lyrics (Makes sense?). Today I decided I’d give Japanese indie another try and headed over to 8tracks to listen to some. And then, this song played and I almost died.

It is beautiful. And if you look at the lyrics, they are so simple you could sing along after hearing it just once. What caught my attention though was the similarity I found between this and the number of Korean songs I had listened to until now. It definitely has to be the reason why I need/must have it on my phone.


You can read a little more about Hemenway over here. They don’t work as a band anymore though which is a pity since their music is good. I have listened to their songs but there seems to be nothing quite like this one.

Please have a listen here:

I’m also looking for recommendations for Japanese indie music like this. So please let me know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Hemenway – Inori 祈り

  1. Hey there!

    I played the song as I read your blog posts and I loved the song. It has that calm soothing effect and is perfect for reading. Thank you for updating my strange music collection (I say strange because its a mix of genres and languages but that’s a story for another blog post).

    I love that you have continued your obsession with anything to do with Japan. It’s so rare to find someone like you in India, I was so much like you and now, I still do have that slight obsession like you do and I am glad that you are my friend. I learn so much about Japanese culture through you and that keeps my Japanese obsession part of me, happy. Watching you grow and move closer and closer towards your goal makes me even more so happy!

    I know that you won’t give this up. I know that I will meet you in Japan, giving me a tour of the city/town and talking to the locals in fluent Japanese. Until then, good luck, miss jumping jacqueline 🙂

  2. I love 8tracks! I just looked up the band you linked and it’s interesting that you mentioned the similarity between Korean songs as it turns out two members are Korean American! haha Unfortunately I’m not terribly familiar with Japanese indie (I know more Korean indie) but I enjoy THE NOVEMBERS. They’re kind of more a shoegaze sound than acoustic though.

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