A look back at February

February had been short and sweet. Or was it? Strangely, I don’t remember much of it. March has just begun and I’m already in too deep. A lot of things are going to happen this month, and I’m most dreading my finals. So this post is not going to be very long.

At the beginning of the month I had decided that I would concentrate on speaking Japanese. I would find a language partner and speak not write to him/her. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I just didn’t put enough effort into it.

My plan to write weekly posts on Lang-8 was forgotten. Instead, I spent more time chatting with my language partners and thanks to that I see an improvement in my Japanese.

I’ve been reading Shin-chan for a while now and I must say it’s definitely a great resource for Kanji, regular vocabulary and slang. I want to move on to the books that I bought at Japan Habba, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I have tried to put in some time to revise all the vocabulary I learnt this month. I’ve been maintaining a separate notebook to learn Kanji based on their radicals and thanks to it, I do another round of revision.

I have not been focusing on grammar and it’s high time I do. It’s already March and pretty soon it’ll be time to answer the JLPT. I really want to pass N3 this time, but I feel like I’m lagging behind. I wonder if I’ll ever feel ready though. 


4 thoughts on “A look back at February

  1. I’ve found it takes a long time to find the right language partner. Keep looking, good luck!! 🙂

    I also always mean to get back to regularly writing on lang-8 but forget…;;;

      1. Yeah exactly! I think there’s a few aspects of language exchange that make it pretty difficult (maybe this will be my next blog haha) but I think it boils down to the language exchange will take effort from both sides, so even if you found someone you connect well with, it’s hard to keep that up unless the other person also reciprocates and keeps the relationship going..;; How do you usually find language partners?

      2. Hmmm, I started out with Lang-8 where I joined a group of LINE users. It didn’t work out so well. Someone later introduced me to HelloTalk and I’ve been connecting with different people ever since. Maybe I’ll write my experience in the next blog post as well. 😀

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