Japanese movies and dramas

Last week I found myself watching a lot of Japanese shows. I’d like to think it has helped me get better at my listening skills although it probably needs a lot more work than this.

The list of the things I watched are:

  • 5寺から9寺まで:私に恋したお坊さんFrom_Five_To_Nine-p1

This is a recent drama that talks about the blossoming love between a vibrant, working woman and a quiet, composed monk. I was so surprised by this concept that I had to watch it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Satomi Ishihara(石原さとみ)  was such a pleasure to watch throughout the drama. I’ve watched one of her dramas before and I’m glad I’ve watched this one too.

  •  Parasyte: Part 1


I was very curious to know how the live action version of one of my favourite anime would look like. I think it was well made. Although the guy who played the Izumi-kun tried his best, he kinda overdid it. The story has been slightly changed to keep up with the time constraints. But since all major events were present (unlike in 進撃の巨人)I’m not complaining.

  • るろうに剣心


This has got to be the most amazing film series ever. I had the opportunity to watch the 2nd and the 3rd movie in 2014. However, I wasn’t aware at the time that I had completely missed watching the first part. I had to watch it and boy, I’m so glad I did. The actions scenes keep you at the edge of the seat and 佐藤たける makes 剣心’s character so lovable. The entire series is well planned and I’m glad there is zero awkwardness in between.

I’m so glad I got to watch shows that I thoroughly enjoyed. I wonder what I’ll watch next. I’m open to recommendations though. I’d definitely rather avoid slow paced dramas and movies.



4 thoughts on “Japanese movies and dramas

  1. Hi Jacqueline,

    I’m really happy that I found your blog. I came across it thanks to a comment on “Becoming a sushi” blog. Reading your past entries I could really relate to your experiences as a fellow Japanese learner.

    By the way, are you able to understand Japanese movies and TV without subtitles? Sadly, I’m not able to do that. Understanding spoken Japanese is really my weakest point – I never imagined when I started learning, that I would be able to understand written Japanese better than spoken!

    Maybe I should just keep practising by watching TV and I’ll gradually come to understand more of what I’m hearing.


    1. Hey there! Thanks for the follow and the comment!

      It’s the same with me. I can’t do without the subtitles. I have a problem with understanding written Japanese too. There’s just so much going on in each sentence that it’s hard to understand all of it by merely looking at individual words. I guess we just have to hang in there and read and watch some more.

      I do find myself getting better though. So I don’t think we’re doing anything wrong. 🙂

  2. I loved the Rurouni Kenshin series! I was kind of skeptical at first as I was a big fan of the animation, but I feel like the films really did the animation justice 🙂 I would like to watch the third one again someday because I watched it with these weird subtitles that were really wrong haha but um yay listening practice??

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen it already because it’s kind of old but my favorite drama ever is My Boss My Hero 🙂

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