Review of Week 1 extensive reading

I have begun my internship this week and my initial impression of the place is that it’s a really good place for me. While I had some reservations about the place, I now feel that it not only complements my personality but it also gives me space to change and grow at my own pace. Thanks to the encouraging atmosphere at the office I’m hoping to learn a lot of stuff and become really good at my job.

Unfortunately because of work I was unable to do a lot of reading in Japanese. But getting some work done is better than nothing at all, right? I was able to read a couple of passages and make a list of 30 new words. I think I’ve got a hand of how I want to go about this.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my plan was to go through atleast 2-3 passages or 10 sentences everyday.

  1. I would first read them without the help of a dictionary and then with it the second time.
  2. I would simultaneously add the new words on Cram with an example sentence to give it some context.
  3. I would then go through each sentence again and write down an English translation below it.

The goal of this exercise was to check whether I had understood the sentence clearly. Unfortunately, I had no one to tell me if I was understanding it all wrong. I’ve found that Lang-8 is not the appropriate place to check one’s reading comprehension. HelloTalk, on the other hand, does not provide an easier way to send long passages. And I haven’t found anyone patient enough to go through 15 odd sentence translations with me.

I did manage to write a post using three of the 30 words I learnt on Lang-8. While writing a post was a learning experience, I was a little bummed out that I couldn’t use more words. And this was partly because I had difficulty coming up with something that used words like 調味料 and 週刊誌 while talking about my week. If there are any Lang-8 users out there, I would like to know how and what you write about.

Thanks to the post not only have I learnt how to use those three words better but also managed to review an old grammar point.

For listening I watched two episodes of 家政婦のミタ as well as listened to the audio from a variety show. I listen to it on my way to work. I do not know how much it has helped me but I’d like to think I’ve made some progress.

I haven’t really practiced speaking or revised any grammar from last year yet. I’d like to do so in the future. For the coming week I’ll continue listening to and reading Japanese. The plan is to write another lang-8 post next week while reviewing the new words learnt during my extensive reading sessions.


4 thoughts on “Review of Week 1 extensive reading

  1. I don’t really do this anymore but I used to do a language exchange with a really academic type (he was a phd student haha) and once a week we woule study about half hour japanese and half hour english. A few days before the language exchange we would email each other a briefish article and try to read it ourselves, then during our language exchange we would summarize the article to each other or if it was too hard we would go through line by line so that we could understand it. I think if you can find the right person that method might work well for you too!

  2. With Lang-8 I also feel bummed when I can’t think of more to write. So I keep them short anyway. Something that could work is just do short pieces and then in a couple of months look back and see if you can add more, writing a new post. I still haven’t gotten back to HelloTalk, I feel really bad :S but I think it could work with short sentences. Like say you’re reading blah and would like some help. *shrugs* I’m glad you’re enjoying your internship 🙂

    1. Hannah, I have been using HelloTalk to clear small doubts. But as I said, I can’t ask people to help me with my reading comprehension. But then, I’m assuming I can’t. I should try asking some of my friends.

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