Giving Memrise another try

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what to write on this blog. This blog began with an intention of documenting the things that I’ve learnt everyday. But N4 grammar doesn’t give me a lot of material to work with. I’ve already studied most of it thanks to N3 and now I feel I’m just revising them one by one, albeit more randomly than I’d hoped.

There are a few points that do stump me once in a while, but there are so random at this point. I’ll just wait until I finish the entire textbook before making a cheatsheet for future revision purposes.

I’ve given up all hopes of being ready for the JLPT exam this December. Even though I need more time in all the sections of the exam, what I’m most worried about is the vocabulary. Anki isn’t working out for me and I’ve been actively looking for ways to make learning new words fun.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’ve been using “context” to make the words more memorable in my head. I basically depend on example sentences for each word that I learn as well text I come across on social media as source for new words. Most of them fit into the N3 category, so that’s a plus for me.

I’ve since gone back to using Memrise for learning new words. I’m taking it slow unlike how aggressive I was with Anki. The number of words I learn through each course is a maximum of 5 keeping in mind the time and effort I can afford to give the tests everyday. I don’t want them to burn me out.

I have chosen five distinct courses to help me learn Japanese vocabulary.

  1. Japanese counters
  2. Everyday expressions
  3. Japanese Onomatopoeia
  4. 501 Japanese verbs
  5. JLPT N3 vocab

Some of the courses need more work than the others.  While N3 is something I should be working towards, I feel the need to first learn words that will help me in everyday conversations. I’m very excited about Japanese counters, Everyday expressions and Onomatopoeia and I think they’re really important to learn. Hopefully, I stick with Memrise and have a slow, but steady journey.



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