My attraction to studyblr posts.

I find myself spending time on Tumblr looking at #studyblr posts. I found out today that studyblr refers to study blogs, mostly started by females, where they post pictures of all the colourful notes they’ve made using cute stationery. These blogs are owned by all kinds of students. It’s a full fledged thing on Tumblr and there have been quite a number of articles written on this phenomenon.

It took me some time to understand what it was all about. At first, I just felt a little surprised to find pictures of really attractive workspaces in my feed. They were strangely motivating and fun to look at. The more I looked at them the more I felt that I needed some colour in my life. Haha. I’ve followed quite a few a them now because I really need the motivation to study Japanese.

Back to N4 grammar,

〜てもかまいません、〜ておく, ~ている、〜てある

Now, these aren’t the only topic I covered today. Although I’ve studied some of them before I’ll be writing them here because I’m having a hard time committing them to memory.


This is quite a mouthful. Using the te form of a verb this grammar point can be used to mean ‘not a problem to…’. It is quite similar to ~てもいい which translates to ‘it is okay’



Even though I’ve come across this point before in my N3 studies, I haven’t really understood how to use it. According to my grammar book it can have two meanings

1) In advance

2) To leave as it is


This is used to indicate a continuous state.


This is used to indicate a resultant state.


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