I’ve never used visuals with my flashcards before. It would be great if I could maintain one for phrases and verbs.

Lost for Words

Every word you learn in another language has a story to tell, and I must admit that I never realised to what incredible extent until very recently. As it turns out, a new word can be nothing less than an experience.

There’s a wonderful book out there called fluent forever and lately it’s changed my learning language approach fairly radically, in that I flashcard almost all new context i come across, whether vocab, grammar rules, or even the occasional poem…

I however don’t want to write a review or anything of the sorts today. Instead I want to show you how flashcards stopped being a daily drag, and instead became a beautiful part of my everyday. And let’s be honest, we all need more beauty in our lives.

Fluent forever suggests using google images to find pictures for each flashcard you make for new vocab. When you consider just how…

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