November for N4 grammar

Long time no see! I feel I’ve been gone for so long that I’ve completely lost touch with Japanese. But there was nothing I could really do. I was out on a class trip to Lavasa, a smart city in Pune modelled on Italy. I spent the last 5 days amidst green mountains and calmness. But I’m glad I’m back. The experience would have been totally ruined if I had stayed for a couple of more days. Though beautiful, there was nothing much to do over there and things got a little monotonous after a period.

It’s November and I’m ready to begin with N4 grammar. I believe going through my grammar book won’t be too difficult as I already have some knowledge of N5 and N3 grammar. I’m hoping that any doubt that I might have had in the past might get cleared up after I go through this level.

For N4 grammar I will be following 日本語チャレンジ(文法と読む練習). I did not choose this book based on any reviews. I simply got this book because this was easily available in the city I live in. I had already started with this book before the trip. But today I’ll review only those points that I’ve studied today.


1. ~てから

This means “after doing”. I often get confused with the different uses of から. Sometimes it can mean “from this point”, “because” and sometimes “after doing”. Hopefully from now on I’ll remember the two different uses when reading texts.

2.  〜Vた形ことがある/〜たことがない

This means “to have/ to never have”. This has a different meaning as well as a different structure pattern compared to the following grammar point.

3. 〜Vじしょ形ことがある/〜ないことがある

This means “sometimes, occasionally”. The above point is used when talking about an experience while this point is used to suggest a particular act has been done only a few times.

P.S. The JLPT exam is approaching and I honestly don’t think I will be able to finish things on time. So I have decided to slow down my process and incorporate other elements like speaking and listening without worrying about the exam. Hopefully, I figure out a workable schedule around my classes and assignments.


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