What I’ve learnt in the past six months

Last year, in December, I made a decision to give a shot at JLPT. I was ambitious and thought a year would be enough to prepare for N3. But I only started studying earnestly about two months ago. I can’t say I am ready for the exam, nor do I think I’ll pass it on my first try. I still have a lot to learn you see.

I do worry sometimes about not being able to make it on time. I rush things and overwork to the point I’m burnt out. The next few days are spent on rebooting. I often mismanage my time and fail to prioritise well.

This journey that started a few years ago, has picked up speed in the past few months. I have learnt how to make goals and divide my time accordingly. I even started this blog to track my progress and connect with others who are in a similar journey as me. Thanks to this I constantly learn new things about language learning.

Looking at the progress I’ve made I feel bolder about learning a new language. It’s nice to have a new hobby, one that gives you joy as well as sets you apart from your peers. Learning Japanese has in fact broadened my view of the world. Growing up I had always wondered if being born in a place meant living out one’s entire life in the same place. Thanks to Japanese, I can now make bolder plans for both my career and travel.

The skills you pick up and the things you learn about life in general when you have a hobby are amazing. And I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come. Therefore, I’ve decided not to worry so much about not passing JLPT. There is always a next time. I’ll spend more time on vocabulary and have fun with Listening and Speaking. I’ll try to fine-tune my learning process further. But above all, I’ll keep at it because it’s fun.


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