Neil Gaiman: My hero.

I was blessed with an opportunity to befriend a writer on who gave me an honest and a wonderful review on my latest short story “It’s Dinner Time!” . He had called it gruesome! And I must say, I was so pleased when he commented on my descriptions. That meant I had grown as a writer. Isn’t that what we want to hear each time we write something new?

Yes, I still have to work on my grammar. My word choices can be improved. In short, I still have a long way to go. But I’m grateful that this journey is not coming to an end this early in the game.

“I think you have a heck of a nice potential, in your style of telling. You do a good job of disrupting the stereotypes regarding your monsters, too.” My, was I glad to hear this! My new friend here loves watching movies that involve zombies and all things bizarre. My story had really entertained him since it had been written from a ‘monster’s point of view’. He then suggested that I read Neil Gaiman’s Snow, Glass and Apples. I was simply bowled over by his writing. It was 5000 words of pure beauty. I cannot explain what his descriptions did to me. His words were so simple and yet, they oozed with such richness. Good Lord!

This is a story of Snow White; not the Snow White who was wronged by the evil Witch, but the one who takes pleasure in spreading fear. This story is dark and truly twisted and worth your time. Why don’t you take a look at it here itself?


P.S. If you’ve read his work before, how would you describe his writing? What did he make you feel?


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