Passion is a wonderful gift.


During the past few days, Ive become more and more aware of the fact that I don’t really have an opinion on anything. Yes there episodes of anger when I hear about a man taking advantage of a woman, or someone gossiping about a close friend.

Yes sometimes that does happen , but it doesn’t seem enough . I don’t think. 

Recently I started following a few people on twitter, and my timeline turned into the whirlwind of  ideas and demands,musings and information , I couldn’t help but feel I’m lacking passion.

A million things happen everyday.

But for me nothing changes. Everyday feels the same. There’s no opportunity for stimulating discussions, no fiery look in the eyes, no fights on morals, who’s acting sucked more, anything remotely have some sense. I remain on the sidelines, never knowing how to get in.

Passion is attractive. However wacked out the affair, passion is fun.


2 thoughts on “Passion is a wonderful gift.

  1. I quite agree. Without passion for what we’re doing or what we feel we might as well not do or feel at all. You could try it but after a while you’d feel direction-less.

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